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Sep 25, 2012 6:00pm EDT
, hit hard by the housing meltdown, prices were up more than 16% in july. in detroit they jumped more than 6%. and in denver prices were up nearly 5.5%. all of that good news for the folks who are keeping up with their mortgages. but people facing foreclosure are running into a new problem. nationally, the availability of rentals is now at its lowest rate since 2001. barry petersen has been looking into this. >> reporter: when john and gina burnett bought their home in suburban denver they thought they'd spend the rest of their lives here with gina's son keith who has down syndrome. but john lost his job three years ago in the construction industry. >> what happened to all of the jobs? where'd they go? >> reporter: now they face losing their house to foreclosure and for them an unplanned transition from home owner to renter. >> it's very hard. it's painful. it's frustrating. >> reporter: does it feel unfair that this is happening to you? >> we've done everything we possibly could to keep this from happening and-- i'm sorry. and-- >> reporter: but it's happening. >> yeah. >> repor
Sep 26, 2012 6:00pm EDT
point out the front and it is still a long way from us. it's just south of detroit right over indianapolis just north of st. louis. notice how it's getting that east to west orientation as opposed to north/south and they just don't move through. the good news is right now most of the showers and storms are peeling to the north of us from ohio directly into pennsylvania. later on tonight we could see a shower or thunderstorm primarily north of town. still 80 in rockville, 80 in great falls, 79 in fairfax, 81 in arlington, 83 in college park and 80 in bowie. so the front will hang around for a while, storms mainly north tonight, stays mild. a shower or storm possible tomorrow with a front still to the north but still in our proximity and showers linger on friday because the front is still going to play cat and mouse with us. now we'll put the futurecast into motion. by 10:00, 11:00, we could see a couple showers, maybe a thunderstorm roll through, a little heavier activity in yellow and orange. then after that we get into the morning hours thursday. you'll need your sunglasses s
Sep 3, 2012 6:00pm EDT
now than it was after the bush administration in detroit. >>> and that's message we are likely to hear throughout this democratic national convention this week. it's the democrats' turn to try to push the record, thisser in charlotte and jim vance joins us live with more on what we can expect this week. hi, vance. >> reporter: hi, doreen. what we can expect is nearly 6,000 delegates who are eager and anxious to advance the president and his agenda. these delegates are here to work, not party time for them act, least not during the day. they get up early, they do not sleep in. this morning, the maryland delegation heard from democratic superstar, tom sherwood, who does not sleep either, went over and had croissants and coffee with them and more on that breakfast meeting. >> many of these 6,000 delegates are still arriving but the maryland delegation, it's already fired up. for the tried and true maryland democrats in charlotte, their first day started with a traditional orientation breakfast. and a fired up talk by debbie wasserman schultz, national chairman of the democratic party and
Sep 20, 2012 6:00pm EDT
inches of mercury. now, they will talk about a little frontal boundary just to the west of detroit and then moves their way back to southeastern missouri. and it looks like they will be going through pretty quickly. they won't go through until saturday night. in the meantime a little system that will dip into the west lakes. they won't have too much moisture with it. don't change your plans, as they go there u, maybe a sprinkle. ushering in had pretty cool air. now it will work out kind of nicely. a few high level clouds. temperatures are fantastic. 70 in bethesda, 76 in rockville and gaithersburg and great fall. 73 in sterling and 73 in college park. pretty nice. okay, more like summer for a while at least. tomorrow is the last full day of summer. it will be cool tonight, not chilly. you'll need your sunglasses tomorrow and even warmer for you on saturday. we're talking mid-80s on saturday. not as chilly. open up the windows to about 60 downtown. we'll trade in the 40s for the 50s overnight. 59 downtown to college park. maybe 53 in bowie. mostly pleasant, a cool start, but not a chill
Sep 14, 2012 6:00pm EDT
his scheduled flight to detroit. >>> well, we have another beautiful day, and another beautiful weekend. and then, wham, it's going to get ugly. veronica's standing by with that good news for you. >> yeah. well, it is going to get ugly early part of next week. i want to stress just how nice today, this evening, and this weekend is going to be. 81 degrees, after a temperature right now, we got up to a high temperature earlier of 82. take a look at the numbers throughout the area. leesburg at 81. 79 in gaithersburg. 80 degrees around waldorf, maryland. in is a front that's going to be moving through overnight. that front without any rain. our temperatures will drop. we'll talk about how much cooler this weekend is going to be and a bigger storm system that's going to head our way again for the early part of next week. doreen? >> thanks, veronica. >>> coming up more, team coverage of the protests spreading around the world. >>> new abortion clinic rules in virginia are stricter than ever. some say it's meant to put those clinics out of business. >>> the crooks involved in a smash-a
Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5